How to evaluate KingFast F6PRO 240g SSD(solid state drive)?

publisher: KingFast SSD
Time: 2017-11-28
Summary: How to evaluate KingFast F6PRO 240g SSD(solid state drive)?
I got these F6PRO 240g SSD(solid state drive) recently to upgrade my desktop, and it performed great! The windows loading dots don't even make a full circle on startup.

A few things buyers should know :

1. The package come with the SSD, and nothing else.
2. It is an slim 2.5inch SSD intended for laptops, so for use in desktop, it needs to be installed on an SSD mounting bracket
3. If your desktop already have a tray inside, but no screws to attach it with, like the case for mine, you will need drive screws or the #4 equivalent of some brass screws of appropriate length. I personally didn't want to buy a whole box of drive screws so I bought a pack of 4 3/8 inch #4 brass screws and a pack of 12 #4 washers from Lowes for 2 bucks, 3 washers on each hole worked great.
4. buy SATA 6gbps cables for desktop, since as I mentioned in 1, there is none with the package

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