Value for money and KingFast SSD furiously fast!

Value for money and KingFast SSD furiously fast!


Amazon consumers tell us experience:Value for money and KingFast SSD(solid state drive) furiously fast!

Bought for my home NAS solution. Have been using multiple storage devices until now, but with 4K movies as common, the data transfer rate is more crucial than the wifi speed. All these made me get an SSD instead. This device is pretty much good value for the cost spent. The cost to GB ratio is pretty good than other products what I see in deals.

The high read speed is a big plus. The write speed is a bit lesser than the read speed but still much higher than the conventional hard drives. The size is a standard 2.5inch. The device does not get heated on long usage or higher data movement. The data streaming and the playback is smoother and I’m happy.

Well spent money once again in Amazon and thanks to KingFast. The key here is how long these drive gonna hold the data good. So let me wait and watch and update here if I find something different later on.

Have attached some pictures and video for getting a better idea of how it feels on hand and the quality. I will try to update my review after a month or so if I find anything bad or any cool stuff I have spotted.

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