Works fine, but not in the laptop I bought it

publisher: kingfast ssd
Time: 2017-12-04
Summary: Amazon buyers are so evaluating my solid state hard drive:Works fine, but not in the laptop I bought it
Works fine, but not in the laptop I bought it for. The laptop, an HP1320US, is too old to work with this drive. There is no AHCI support in the BIOS, and it seems to need that to work. There are no newer BIOS version available, I have the last and latest. It always gets stuck during Windows 7 boot up. I had previously tried an old Intel SSD ( SATA 2 I think ) I got on craigslist, but it was very flaky, not booting maybe 80% of the time.

After abandoning this idea, I did just try and use this SSD it like a big USB stick, and put thousands of photos on it. I had no trouble copying to it and looking at photos from it, so I am sure it is just fine. I am thinking of buying one of those super cheap laptops, like an LG or HP for about $200, and use this instead of the slow 32GB flash chip on the motherboard. 32G is no where near enough for any laptop.

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