Violet won $55 million in Suzhou to build a 55% stake in Lite light attack SSD

Violet won $55 million in Suzhou to build a 55% stake in Lite light attack SSD


Violet won $55 million in Suzhou to build a 55% stake in Lite light attack SSD

Lite on September by the board of directors of Suzhou new investment company, invested $45 million into the capital subsidiary of the main business for the storage of related products, yesterday's announcement of the current 100% stake in Suzhou light building strategic partnerships will be introduced, Suzhou will invest $55 million to inject light purple, and achieved 55% shareholding, shareholding ratio, and Lite dropped to 45%.

Suzhou light construction will be responsible for the production of SSD. The purple light will be responsible for the sales, customer relationship and purchasing of SSD. At present, Suzhou has been built for light cover factory building, is expected to be built on earth at the beginning of next year, is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter and put into production, the fastest in 2019 revenue contribution lite.

Lite said, Suzhou light building board will appoint 3 directors by the purple Lite, appoint 2 directors, both sides will each appoint a chief executive, with two executive operating system. The two sides will cooperate in the future storage products, borrow treasure in light of cloud storage technology, cloud computing, data entry center, big data, and through the purple group in the Chinese market depth work..

Lite further said that the cooperation with Suzhou Ziguang mode for OEM contract manufacturing (Contract Manufacturing) operating mode, with both flexibility and efficiency of the contract, and combined with the local market China supply chain, the nearest production service fast and stable Chinese meet customer needs.

Market analysis believes that the Chinese mainland SSD (solid state hard disk) demand growth, or the basis of cooperation between the two. The permeability of SSD has risen to more than 3 in the NB, and the advantages of SSD high speed access also make it more and more widely used in the data center. Chinese, with second of the world's largest PC brand Lenovo, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent in the hands of a large number of data center to SSD business also should not be underestimated, and therefore decided to get into the purple lite.

The Lite branch, have the opportunity to take this opportunity to open the mainland market. At present, SSD revenue of about 8 from the PC client, although SSD Lite in the PC market performance ranked fourth in the world, the market share is less than 1, compared to sales of a whip Samsung and Witten respectively with more than 4, 11% of the SSD market share is far apart, not to mention the Lite Chinese do not play into the mainland market, is also believed that the reason is the joint venture Lite positive benefits to Lite department and violet.

For this is purple, or in the Yangtze River Estuary to advance storage capacity. NAND Flash process conversion from the 2D to 3D from the fourth quarter of this year began to smooth, violet group under the Yangtze River storage production 3D NAND, just hit the NAND market is expected to reach the balance of supply and demand, must as soon as possible for the Yangtze River to find the purple storage in Haikou, plus 3D NAND can avoid the Yangtze River storage layout is the mystery of Dachang patent this is the problem, and the joint venture Suzhou Lite violet light to build a major cause to China market demand.

Bianzhen capital operation

With violet group have won 1 billion 26 million yuan siliconware 30% stake in Suzhou, won the Suzhou light construction 55% stake to $55 million, purple group in overseas mergers and acquisitions resistance began to flow, the M & a mode switching into shares or joint venture.

Zhao Weiguo, chairman of purple light group, has designed a unique development path for purple light group, which is based on independent innovation and takes the lead in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

However, in the acquisition of a series of Spreadtrum, RDA, Unisplendour group WD, shares merger Taiwan Licheng have crashed, violet group quickly adjust strategy to look back to the territory, together with the local government to speed up the industrial floor, in Nanjing to build Nanjing semiconductor industry base and purple IC international city. According to incomplete statistics of SSE, purple light group has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Lianyungang, Dongguan, Chengdu, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hefei, Hangzhou and Xiamen.

On the other hand, although Zhao Weiguo recently expressed his "no playing capital" in CCTV's finance and economics dialogue program, but in the overseas capital operation aspect, the purple light group still did not give up.

In October 31, 2016, purple light holdings was unveiled in Hong Kong. As the only overseas listed company of purple light group, its position is purple light's investment and financing platform and capital operation platform overseas. It integrates industrial resources through mergers and acquisitions, direct investment and other means. At the same time, the group has also launched a 10 billion Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar science and technology industry fund in Hongkong, which will be mainly used to invest in the world's leading high-tech enterprises.

From the mode of operation, the group of purple light has begun to change into stock or joint venture from the mode of merger and acquisition in the operation of foreign capital.

In November last year, South Mao announced the termination of the purple group shares, but the South Mao 54.98% equity transfer its wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Hongmao gave its purple Tibet violet in micro Investment Limited company; mergers and acquisitions in the WD unsuccessful, violet shares invested $80 million 580 thousand RMB equivalent (51% stake), and WD jointly set up violet WD Co. Ltd.; then, the purple group won 1 billion 26 million yuan siliconware 30% stake in Suzhou; last week, violet group through the group's investment institutions to increase Dialog, a single Dialog's largest shareholder; now I won $55 million in Suzhou built 55% stake, change its mode of operation is very obvious.

According to the Shanghai Composite Index, in addition to its purple national core, purple light share and ST purple school, purple light group and its company also appeared in the three quarterly shareholders list of 28 A share listed companies. In the three quarterly last year, this figure is 16 listed companies.